• Life's a Movie2:45
  • Dynamic2:26
  • New Beginnings3:08
  • Live from My Smartphone3:46
  • Where's My Money (feat. Spherm Banks)2:37

On Thursday May 5th, 2016 I released a phenomenal  album called "Live From My Smartphone!", a motivatinal and inspiring work. A rap album that is changing the way people view the dynamics of the music industy.

I have always been a true Hip Hop / Rap fan, connoisser, and enthuseist for the art and lifestyle. Apart from that, I have experienced the hard knock life, going to prison, homelessness and poverty, but I haven't let any of that stop me nor get me down because I believe in me, all because it has to start with self first. The world will tell you 'No!', but you have to tell yourself "YES!".