An illustration of my life, my story, the come up!

These photo's demonstrates real-time situations in my life. I have been to prison for an extreme amount of time and are now building my life to be an extreme success. Facing and dealing with homelessness, poverty, and a struggle to make a way, your level of tenacity shows your strength in how determined you are.

I don't think I could be any happier than what I am now because I am a free man living my dream, being an entrepreneur in my artistry. Imaging what it would be like if all you had was your imagination, a game plan, and a very long time to wait it out, but as time passes it gets discouraging having to wait all that time because of your age factor, questioning will they accept me? This may put you in the mindset of the story about The Count of Monte' Crisco. I love that story for it is a metaphorical reflection of my life.

Over all, I am pleased and blessed to finally be back with my family. With their support, the support of friends, as well as forging solid business relationships, it won't be long before I am an international success helping others do the same.